I have tried to write this letter many times.
How do I sum up my four years at King’s and share how it impacts my life everyday? Thankfully, so much of what I want to mention has already been said in other letters from various classmates along with faculty and staff members.
Without King’s, I would not be who I am today. I could have obtained a business degree at pretty much any college or university. However, as soon as I attended Inviso, I realized that the type of education I would be receiving at King’s would be more than worth the college loans I took out or the opportunity cost of missing out on the “typical college campus” experience from those other schools. 
My degree was made up of incredible business classes that taught valuable skills like how to give a presentation at the drop of a hat or how to analyze business data (I could write a whole letter to the business department that would barely convey my appreciation for that aspect of my education). While the caliber of those courses are unique to King’s, what really set my education apart from those at another Christian college were the core PPE classes. Those were the classes that didn’t teach me what to think but rather how to think and challenged what I already thought about my role in the world. How I wish I could go back and sit in on so many lectures again! From Dr. Bradley’s Christianity and Society to Dr. Johnson’s Principles of Biblical Interpretation, I was challenged in how I read, understood, and applied the Bible to my life and our society. Dr. Innes’s Intro to Politics introduced me to Plato while Dr. Park’s APTAP classes changed my understanding of our American political heritage and the impact it has on current policy decisions.
There are many people and aspects of the college that I wish I could fit in here - the House System, the supportive staff and faculty (I could write paragraphs about how each professor and staff member impacted my time at King’s and beyond), Interregnum, Statesmanship, and living in NYC - as I’m so grateful for how each aspect added to my overall education so that I could be a well rounded adult. While King’s taught me foundational business skills that most graduate students do not learn, the real value lies in my understanding of how to be a better citizen of this country and of God’s Kingdom. Being in a place where professors, staff, and students can have hard and challenging conversations allowed me to develop my personal convictions in a way that I know would not have been the case had I attended elsewhere.
I so wish there was more that I could do to keep King’s legacy physically going. How I still hope that this is not the end! But I’m grateful that whatever happens, I can look back on my Kingsian experience and see how it changed me for the better. I just hope and pray that God will allow King’s to continue to do the same for others for many years to come.
Audrey Walczak
Former House President | House of Clara Barton | Class of '16
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