Three Anecdotes
I want to share three anecdotes regarding my time at King’s.
When I enrolled in my first semester of grad school, I naively signed up for courses without researching the professors. I had never needed to do so at King’s. I quickly realized my grave mistake and developed a new appreciation for my King’s professors.
In my second year at King’s, I was reading Augustine and forgot what class I was reading him for. It could have been for Foundations of Judeo Christian Thought (JCT), Classical and Medieval Philosophy, Philosophical Apologetics, politics, or even economics. Every class at King’s built on the others. Each of the various subjects, rather than splintering off the farther you progressed into them, began to converge.
One proud moments came during a semi-final debate at the Yale tournament while I was president of the King’s Debate Society. The debate was about religious NGOs in developing countries, and several of the competitors denigrated religious groups in their arguments. But a debater from the University of Vermont pushed back: “Religious people aren’t crazy; King’s comes here every year and they do quite well.” We had represented King’s—and Christianity more broadly—on the British Parliamentary debate circuit in the United States and around the world, and King’s had prepared us well to do so.
Josiah Peterson
Josiah Peterson
Former President of The King's Debate Society | House of C.S. Lewis | Class of '12
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