Dear King’s community, donors, alums, families, etc.
King’s has been a haven for growth for me. King’s really is uniquely constructed. I have felt the impact of King’s mission from the faculty, staff, and fellow students.
The Faculty truly invest in the students. The professors want the students to succeed. As a freshman I have felt the professors encourage and challenge me and my fellow students in our pursuit of an impactful education. Our professors listen to our feedback and encourage intellectual discourse. I have found office hours with professors extremely helpful and insightful. Professors are truly present. My faculty advisor for Bonhoeffer, Doc Salyers is often on campus even on days he does not teach. He uses those times to invest in our house and the lives of other King’s students. Doc has especially been encouraging in this time of uncertainty. Doc is also extremely hospitable. He welcomed the house over to his house on the second day of us being at King’s. Doc does this yearly. He also cooked multiple meals and joined us for Bible Studies.
The staff also invest into the students. Richard Christensen the staff advisor for Bonhoeffer and King’s alum, has been a great friend over the last semester. I have grabbed lunch with him on many occasions and often talk about life and how college is treating me. King’s truly has a structure of leadership and mentorship from the staff and faculty to the students.
The King’s community is so vibrant and helpful. Immediately when you arrive the upperclassmen are eager to help and befriend the crazy freshmen. But also the freshman are stellar. Over the last several months I have fostered stellar friendships, especially with those in the House of Bonhoeffer and The King’s Players, King’s tiny but growing theater club. God has blessed me continually at King’s.
This is but a small glimpse into the wonderful life as King’s Student
Avian Hall, Bonhoeffer Class of 2026
Avian Hall
House Spiritual Life Associate | House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | Class of '26
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