The King’s College has radically altered the direction of my life.
I will always remember moving into Albee in the August of 2020. King’s upperclassmen swarmed my parents’ minivan while my mom fought back tears. Less than 5 minutes later, I was standing in the chaotic mess that was my Brooklyn apartment. I remember feeling exceedingly overwhelmed and indescribably excited about the future. The two emotions went hand-in-hand.
This excitement, though it has admittedly waxed and waned throughout my time at King’s, has never fully left. Instead, it has been transformed into a spirit of gratefulness for the institution that has helped me become who I am today. The trials of a King’s student are many and varied, yet they are unequivocally worth it.
Here, I learned how to cook, adapt, and persevere. Here, I encountered business partners, advisors, and confidants. And, perhaps most importantly, I also met and fell in love with my now-fiance.
In short, King’s is a very special place. It is one of those rare institutions where excitement is realized and faith is rewarded. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that King’s has facilitated for me and countless others, and for the community that I value dearly. Regardless of the outcome of these next few months, I am proud to say those enduring words: “Yeah– I’m from The King’s College in NYC. It’s a small Christian liberal arts school in the Financial District… Ever heard of it?”
Tyler Gebhart
Former Chamberlain | House of C.S. Lewis | Class of '23
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