Everyone Has a Story Worth Sharing.
The TKC Letters Project is a student-run initiative to collect the stories of how The King's College has worked in and through the lives of those who encounter it. The stories are in the form of letters. We believe in the power of human stories to connect individuals to one another. Our goal is that by compiling the eclectic mix of nuanced experiences which TKC has produced, we can create a culture of thanksgiving. If you are a member of the King's community please consider sharing your story with us by clicking the button below.
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Moving Forward with King's
Every letter in the project speaks to way that The King's College has been able to impact lives. But, stories like these have only been possible because of generous donors who came alongside the college to support this endeavor. During the past several years, The King's College has, like so many of us, experienced changes in its financial situation. The passion for the mission of King's is as bright as ever within this community, but it needs additional support to continue in its role as a thriving center of Christian, Liberal Arts Education in New York. Please prayerfully consider what role you may have in this future for King's.
The Origins of the Project
This project began where so many adventures in New York City do: Shake Shack. Amid the crumbs and wrappers of overpriced burgers, Matthew Peterson mentioned to Aidan Ableson that he had an idea to get a bunch of people to write letters documenting the ways in which King’s has positively affected them. Aidan came up with the idea to take those letters and upload them to a website that they could build. With Matthew’s idea, and Aidan’s grounding of that idea, they decided to enlist the help of the man who could execute the idea: Eli Johnson. The three of them felt that this project was worth pursuing due to the importance of human stories and the way such stories can connect individuals. The weekend after Valentine’s Day was full of late nights writing, rewriting, designing, building, formatting, and spreading the word about the project. This project is an ongoing effort, we're committed to continuing to collect stories and reflect on the positivity brought on by King’s.
The creators of this project would like to thank all of the students and alumni who took time to write letters for this collection. Your partnership in what we believe to be a worthy endeavor has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.
Thank you to Dr Kimberly Reeve and The King's College, without whose support this project would not have been possible.
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