From the first time I sat down in the City Room
King’s changed my life. Cliche. I know. But let me explain. I came to King’s in the fall of 2018, ready to hustle and take on New York City. I wanted to get through school to be a #girlboss in the Big Apple, working in Journalism. I wanted a glamorous internship to lead to an epic job, and to live in a bougie highrise apartment.
Five years later, I now live in a small, historic downtown in CO. I am married, with a baby, and teach first graders at a classical charter school. And sometimes I just stop and think: how the heck did God change my heart so drastically in such a short amount of time?
I attribute this change of heart to King’s. From the very first day of freshman year, I was challenged to question what I understood as the status quo. I was shown what it looks like to pursue human flourishing - to seek the true, good, and beautiful.
It wasn’t always fun. Countless journal entries will reveal the sleepless nights and internal struggles. Wrestling with God for control over my heart and priorities was not a comfortable experience.
But in the end, if it were not for King’s, my professors, the books I read, and conversations with dear friends, I would not have learned humility enough to seek a simple life. Because of this small school in the middle of a big city, I learned to hold tight to what C.S. Lewis says in Perelandra: “Be comforted, small one, in your smallness.”
I will always be grateful for my time at The King’s College for the lessons I learned that was not always a part of the PPE curriculum map.
Samantha Graser, nee Kelly
Former House President | House of Queen Elizabeth I | Class of '21
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