Dear The King’s College,
Thank you for the opportunity to seek Jesus in the heart of New York City. Thank you for built-in communities via the house system so I always have a brotherhood when my boots hit the ground. Thank you for opening your doors to everyone and allowing all of us to find the deep and intrinsic beauty of a Liberal Arts Education. Our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls all grow stronger while being in your company.
College is a business, but King’s is a family. I have grown to fall in love with all the crazy, deep, and sometimes quirky ways The King’s College manifests itself into the daily rhythms of life. Whether it be hanging out with roommates, watching the city skyline, smoking cigars with Reagan, it all constitutes how I view the city, and I can’t help but see it through a Kingsian lens.
I have my eternal gratitude to give to King’s as it is changing my life, and within the span of one year it has allowed me to see the image of God in everyone as I was constantly engrossed with people from every avenue of life. I learned that all are made in God’s image and deserving of respect. Thank you King’s.
I pray, regardless of your fate, that your values, your honor, openness, warmth, and legacy-minded focus remain, whether that be in 56 Broadway or in the hearts and minds of your students, your family.
I love you King’s, thank you for all you have, are, and will continue to give to people who seek you.
Colton Taussig; 26’
Colton Taussig
Student | House of Ronald Reagan | Class of '26
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