As a transfer student who came to King’s fall of 2020,
my college experience over the past 4 years has been anything but conventional.
To be completely honest, I didn’t want to come to King’s. I didn’t have the typical experience many King’s students had knowing this is the one college they wanted to go to since middle school and only applying here. A small, nerdy Christian college in the middle of Manhattan was never on my radar. I started at a totally different school with a totally different major and a totally different career path.
Thankfully, the Lord knew so much better than me.
King’s was such an unexpected blessing in my life. When I applied summer of 2020, I had never visited the college, didn’t have a clue what Interregnum was, and didn’t know the first thing about Aristotle or logic or what the heck the idealized self meant.
But King’s brought me so much more than just a well-rounded education. It brought character transformation.
Where you spend your time, who you spend it with, and who is speaking into your life forms you—especially in your college years. King’s formed me in ways that allow me to be proud of the woman I am as I graduate college.
The professors truly care about you. Not just about due dates or grammatical mistakes or saying the right things in class. They want to know WHO you are and what makes you tick. That difference they show is because of the Lord they serve. It is so evident that these professors are not just here for the paycheck. They love the Lord and they love their students from that.
There’s a uniqueness in the way they cheer you on. They encourage you to get involved in your passions and take advantage of all that the city has to offer. They delight in offering office hours to further your career and are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and resources to make your future brighter. That’s The King’s College.
King’s is the professors, but it’s also the students. It’s brought friendships that will last far beyond the streets of the FiDi. From post-Interregnum nights at White Horse to 4am film comp editing to getting shh-ed in the library to endless chats on the Albee roof to throwing the football at midnight on Wall St. All of these things are part of the niche college experience that is King’s.
With the recent state of the college, a lot of people have asked me if I regret transferring. Not at all. I wouldn’t trade the people I’ve met, the memories I’ve made and the growth I’ve encountered for the world.
I may not find myself at football games with thousands of my fellow classmates every weekend, but I can look back at my college career and confidently say that the Lord brought me to King’s for a reason and I am a better person because of the unexpected way I found myself at The King’s College and all of the people I have encountered through it.
Sydney Brown
Student | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '23
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