There are so many words that could be written about King’s,
and I don’t know where these fit in with all of them. Still, however, I would like to say that I did not swear before I came to King’s.
I swear now.
Before transferring here I cared about my education, but it never challenged me to the point that King’s does. King’s took me from a comfortable life to one of uncertainty and questions. It has pushed me to my wits’ end more times than I can count; yet, like so many Kingsians, I found that God happens to be with me at my wits’ end too, whether that comes at a hospital visit or the day before the con-law final. King’s is teaching me how to be a humble questioner who lets my life be transformed by truth and by God. Before King’s, there were few ideas or people that I felt were worth fighting for. Now, there are things worth swearing, hoping, and caring for, and I think this school is one of them.
Elizabeth Kelly
Student | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '24
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