It is with a deep longing that I pray
not only for God to intervene on the College’s behalf in the Jewish month of Adar (the month of miracles) but for the soul of the community to become refined as gold and silver from this crisis.
I chose The King’s College for its location and access to careers in the arts without compromising my desire for a classical Christian education. If it were not for my courses at King’s, particularly Arts & Ideas (ancient art), Bible classes, church history, and philosophy, I would not have the background knowledge or experience for a career in two museums and earning my second degree in Israel (MA in Ancient Near Eastern Archeology), where I have processed artifacts shedding light on the context of early Biblical history in some of the most prominent archives/laboratories in Jerusalem.
Not only does the King’s College and faculty aim to equip students to be leaders in their sphere of influence, but many of the courses are shaped to inspire the soul of the student to pursue truth. I wanted to attend a college that would not ignore my questions about the Bible or doubts about faith. My Bible classes and friendships I made on campus automatically addressed them, prompting me to wrestle with concepts in scripture that have strengthened my faith rather than remain stagnant.
There is so much more I can mention outside of academics, such as the house system (from Corrie Ten Boom!), friendships I made with like-minded people I never thought I could meet, and NYC Fashion Week. Though there are many options for Christian colleges in the US, there is none like The King’s College, which equipping students in one of America’s most influential cities and beyond.
Charity Ana Lewis Cosio
MCA Alumna | House of Corrie Ten Boom | Class of '16
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