There’s something innately human
about longing. The word itself implies a wait for something that is to be desired, and before coming to kings I had deep yearnings for something more. I had an ache for people who wanted to have real conversations and really KNOW me. People who made creative ideas come to life. A community where precise thinking and speaking are exonerated. The Kings college took learning for me and made it real. It took the ‘thinking’ I thought I was doing and gave me the tools to actually do it. When I write words on a page, I don’t jumble them together to sound smart like most college kids. Kings taught me of a different kind of living— one that is centered around living in a constant state of longing for Jesus. Longing requires persistence and single minded focus. The people here remind me that the full fruit of our longings is not found in this world and so we must constantly groan for heaven together. We can however, find slivers of it here, even in NYC. New York City would not be the same place without the kings college. I’m convinced that it is a vital part of the city. If you were to take a second to zoom in on some daily king's scenes taking place, you would be amazed. Through the hustle and bustle and sound of sirens blasting, you could hear the sounds of laughter from a 16th floor freshman apartment. You could see two best friends skipping down the street arm in arm. You could see freshmen students gathered in prayer, placing hands on a brother in need. New York has a longing for kings. Just like Me, New York City knows that it would not be what it is now but for The Kings College. Both the city and I long for a place where we can experience a sliver of heaven.
—- Celie Ozier
Celie Ozier
Student | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '26
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