Putting words
to what King’s has meant in my life, in my family’s lives, is an impossible task. Yet my story is just one in this growing chorus of gratitude and celebration, most of which are also saying what I feel: King’s changed my entire world, and for the better. King’s gave me an education, multiple jobs, lifelong friends, six incredible years in New York City with my parents and sister, and my husband. King’s inspired me, challenged me, equipped me supported me, and guided me all through the craziest, most influential decade of my life. I, and every story here, am proof that the King’s mission has been fulfilled—God has truly been faithful. I’ve always described the moment I first read the mission statement like being stuck by lightning. I knew instantly it’s where God meant for me to be. I could never have predicted everything that followed, but as I take stock of it all, I am just so full of gratitude for each turn of my story with King’s. I want to pick a memory to share, but there are too many to choose from and none feel sufficient to express my feelings right now. I’m overwhelmed by God’s continued mercy and goodness + by the amazing work and spirit of the King’s community. I am so proud to be a part of it.
Jess Stempert
Alumna | House of Corrie Ten Boom | Class of '16
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