I made the best decision of my new adult life
when I chose to attend King’s College. It seemed crazy to my family that their once chronically fearful child would even consider flying thousands of miles away to live in a big, scary city. Still, as I sat in the new Wall Street classroom surrounded by like-minded dreamers listening to Dr. Bleattler talk about the successes the Media, Culture, and the Arts (MCA) students had gone on to achieve, I saw a million possibilities laid out before me. With some luck, perhaps my story and successes will inspire someone the way I was inspired.

I could write a book on all that I learned and experienced at King’s, but who has time for books anymore? Other than me, I should say, as books are my whole business. As the first MCA student to graduate with the creative writing emphasis, I’ve used my degree a hundred times over, first as an English teacher to middle and high school students, then as a business owner and developmental editor (with a minor emphasis on children’s, middle grade, and YA fiction). I’ve been able to work with several incredible authors. Some projects are still in production, but several have been published and are slowly gaining readership. I’m currently on maternity leave,
but I already have a few more projects lined up and am using the little time I have to work on my own writing projects.

I am not the same person who left her home and flew across the country. I’m better. I’m bolder. I’m stronger. I’m a businesswoman, a wife, a new mother, and a woman with a voice. While King’s set me up for a successful professional career, it gave me something even more worthwhile. It gave me confidence, and confidence looks good on me. And as I look to the future, I hope and pray that King’s will remain open so that more students can find their voice within a King’s classroom.
Adriana King
Former President of King's of Swing Dance | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '16
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