The King’s College came to me when I needed it most.
My first whisper of knowledge from this college came in a small email sent to me on a very hard day.
New York City had always been a dream to me, something that felt pretty unreachable. I had set
myself up to go to other colleges, “safety” and “practical” schools. They didn’t feel quite as
right. Nothing did. I was very lost on where to go next and on this particular day their email was
sent to me, I was actually attending a close friend’s funeral. It was like a flicker of hope, a little
push from God and my friend all at once. Ever since then, my life has not been the same.
The King’s College has grown me in so many ways that it’s hard to pinpoint each one. Its classes
have strengthened and challenged my mind beyond measure. Not only this, but these classes
have spiritually fed me with a richer knowledge of the Bible, ethics, and philosophy. This
community has grown me into a better friend and a better leader. Every professor and staff
member I know has changed me for the better. Being a part of the house system has given me
great sympathy, love, and understanding of others. Every aspect of going to King’s has made me
so much better than when I walked in. I would not be who I am today without it. In fact, I’m
scared to picture who that person would be without it.
There are so many more people this school can touch, so many individual stories waiting to be
told, so many lives to be altered, but none of that is possible without your help. I want others to
experience this amazing, life-changing growth that I’ve been gifted. This school is worth saving.
It is a tremendous place with a tremendous impact. Don’t let that turn to dust.
Lexie Ludlam
Student | House of Sojourner Truth | Class of '23
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