A Forever Community
When I saw this opportunity to write about all the good ways King’s has impacted me, I was honestly a little daunted. This college has done enormously great things for me as a person, and as a member of its community. I just couldn’t figure out what to focus on. I only started writing because in just the past few days I have been immeasurably blessed by the people around me. If you know me, you know I HATE getting sick, and I HATE having to be dependent on others. So, when I woke up a few days ago in terrible pain I just said to myself, “Great. Time to cancel all my plans, hide in my room, and fight to survive.” However, when people started to learn I was sick, they came around me like I would have never expected. Old friends, new friends, barely friends, my professors, and my poor roommates were there for me. Now my situation is not drastic, I literally just had a bad cold. And yet, in my moment of need, when I thought I would just rough it alone, this community cared for me. I wouldn’t normally be so passionate about this, but the amount of people that went to the store for me, prayed over me, kept texting me and asking if I needed anything was actually unreal. 
For this little thing, the King’s community, simply because this is who they are, came through for me. I have so many other stories of my incredible time at this college. I have had vacations with these people, been in their weddings, put everyone I could on a train to my home in Jersey just so they could see my chickens, and completely opened my life to many of them. We bound around the college during Interregnum causing immense chaos, we run until we can’t move for Great Race, and we make about seven Target trips in one day at the beginning of every semester because college students don’t know how to make lists. 
Not only have the students impacted me though, but the faculty and staff have been incredible. I have built deep relationships with them—going to their houses, spending time with their children, and just sitting in their offices while they tell me everything will be ok. No amount of gratefulness is enough for what God has done in this community. The selfless love they have displayed will never stop amazing me. Every chance I get, I just ask God what his plans are here; what is He doing in our community right now? These past few days I think I’m starting to see some answers. We have come together tighter than ever before. The amount of trust in God that these people are displaying is incredible. I am watching King’s grow nearer and nearer to Him, and nearer and nearer to each other. So, if that’s what we get out of this experience, then it will have been more than worth it. 
Rebekah Marlin
House Chamberlain | House of Corrie Ten Boom | Class of '24
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