When I started at King’s four years ago, I was sharp.
My years leading up to college were hard in a way that had hardened me up too. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the difficulty of King’s has changed that. King’s is hard, but we do it together which makes all the difference. We
dread the Dr. Tubbs die roll. We stay up all night for Film Competition. We run twelve miles for Great Race. We balance internships, life in the city, and schoolwork, all while trying to grow up, figure out relationships, friendships, and our spiritual lives. But, we also do it all together. We also go to White Horse after Interregnum to celebrate. We also eat lunch at the library tables in between classes. We also cheer till we get complaints in the park for Random Theme debate. We celebrate each other when we get the grade or get the internship. As a graduating senior, I’ve found best friends, gotten engaged, found a church I love, and found the things I’m passionate about. One of the best things about King’s is the feeling of overcoming difficult things with a large group of people going through the same thing as you. So often in life, we go through things alone or at different times than other people. At King’s, we’re together in the difficulty and in the triumph. That strengthens you. It softens you. Or, at least, it did me.
Emma Grace
Student | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '23
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