I actually had no intention of coming to King’s whatsoever.
In fact, I wanted to be a computer science major, which could not be further from what King’s specializes in. Senior year of high school I was lazy, distracted, and apathetic, and before I knew it, March had rolled by and I had not applied to a single school. At this point, my mom sat with me and asked two questions. Do you want to go to school in New York? Do you want to go to a Christian school? I answered yes to both, and she said I am going to King’s.
It turns out that my mother made one of the best decisions of my life for me.
Upon my arrival to the college, it did not take long to realize my life was a complete mess. My laziness stunted my ability to do schoolwork, my priorities were not aligned with my faith, I was in a relationship that I was handling irresponsibly, the list goes on and on. I would sit in class everyday listening to the wisdom of the professors in astonishment and embarrassment of how little I knew and how poorly I was choosing to live.
Alongside these painful realizations came countless opportunities for me to find a way out. My professors would challenge me with social media fasts, attendance to public reading of scripture, and routine prayer among other things. My roommates over the years would always keep me accountable to what I believe and what I say. The friends and upperclassmen I met would encourage me and even do many of these things with me.
All of this can be summarized by the word INTEGRITY.
The community and culture of the King’s College is cultivated toward integrity. To have integrity is to live honestly, to let your yes be yes and your no be no, to abstain from doing things you know to be evil or wrong, and to do the right things despite them usually being more difficult. This integrity, ingrained in me through the restless pursuit of the King’s community, is undoubtedly the most beneficial aspect of my time at the college.
The school's refining qualities were paired with even greater opportunities to practice and showcase all that I had learned. I was able to learn many roles, whether that be as housing assistant or chamberlain for the house. The most important of these opportunities was my chance to be the Senior of the Student Services team, to lead an equally passionate and dedicated group of students to serve the school and serve the Lord. In all these things, I was guided and trained with love and care by the members of the community that were devoted to my success and flourishing.
Integrity is one of many noteworthy qualities I gained from the King’s College. I need not list all of the qualities. I need only say this: My time at the King’s College has prepared me to walk confidently as I face the challenges of life as an employee, a brother, a son, a friend, and a husband.
God undoubtedly blessed me through Kings and used the people in it for my refining and growth in faith and integrity.
Thanks King’s!
Isaiah Fuenzalida
Former Senior of Student Services | House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | Class of '22
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