In my senior year of high school,
I only applied to The King's College. Bold right? Was it because I got a huge scholarship for participating in the Impact 360 Fellows Program? Perhaps. Or was it because it was Christian and in New York? Maybe. How about the fact the application process is so long, and I am too lazy to fill out multiple? Definitely. With that in mind, I was simply overjoyed to find out I was accepted and never again had to apply for college.
I came to this school as a transfer student. In my freshman year, I had yet to decide what I wanted to major in. Having just come out of my political phase, I now had little direction in life. Grace Ellenberg, previously the Guest Experience Consultant at King's, basically told me what to do with my life, and I said yes to everything. She encouraged me to go to Impact 360 for their summer and gap year programs, to apply to King's and even decided on my major (I don't think she realized that no matter what she said, I would have said yes).
It sounds like a fun life putting your future in the hands of another person, right? To this day, I am thankful for and credit God for using Grace to point me in the right direction. In my sophomore year of college, I moved to Brooklyn fulfilling my dream of living in Captain America's borough. And I began my journalism studies, which I knew nothing about. My classmates knew more than me then, encouraging me to learn quickly to catch up. Looking back, I still feel new to the craft.
I first got asked to write for the Empire State Tribune mere days after our 14-day quarantine at the Albee apartments was lifted. So, of course, I said yes, even though I had no idea what I signed myself up for.
Fast forward to junior year, and I am the campus editor...just to realize I have never edited papers before. But hey, King's is academically challenging, so I gladly accepted that challenge. Working hard to receive good grades and praise is something King's allows its students to achieve. So, I never wanted to settle for an easy pass when considering college.
Senior year began a bit shaky. Life happened, and certain voices in my head took control of my actions. I doubted myself and my ability to excel in journalism as Managing Editor for the EST. I felt as though I was failing my professors, whom I deeply respect and admire. Still, I wanted to climb that EST ladder and face yet another challenge.
My boyfriend (who I met at King's so thank you King's for that) encouraged me to talk to Clemente Lisi, Affiliate Assistant Professor of Journalism, about my concerns. He listened and told me something that made me rethink my decisions.
"Are you really going to let one person ruin your career?" He was right. I was ready to quit based on how others made me feel incompetent. But during that meeting, I made a decision that I think changed my life low-key. I decided to apply for Editor in Chief for the school paper.
I am now Editor in Chief. I am confident in my ability to write, edit and lead. I have helped build a
community through the EST that includes students from different houses, majors, years and genders. I enjoy my work and am happy to give the Student Body a voice in the press. I have received only positive feedback since I took on this position, and I feel honored to be responsible for such an important role.
This would never have happened if I had never enrolled. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity King's has given me through this incredible major, in-depth courses, respected professors and diverse city.
When I graduate in May, it'll be bittersweet to leave. But I can now go with a legacy and something to be proud of.
Myrian Garcia
Editor in Chief of the Empire State Tribune | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '23
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