When I came to college,
I was focused almost exclusively on myself. I was arrogant, self-centered, and more worried about the opinions of my peers than those of God.
Through engagement with great texts, relationships with my professors, and the connections I’ve formed within my house, I’m a dramatically different person today. Each of these things shaped me. I doubt I would have been shaped in the same way somewhere else. The number of schools who are committed to a liberal arts education is relatively few. The relationship students have with professors is unparalleled here. And, the relationships formed
within houses simply aren’t possible at schools without houses.
As I reflect on the possible end of Kings, I grieve for the students who will never be changed in the way I was. As we’ve all read, the true purpose of higher education is to shape the soul. King’s does that in a way few other schools can.
Josiah DeBoer
Student | House of Sir Winston Churchill | Class of '24
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