I didn’t know I was lost,
but now I know I’m found. Moving to New York City, I had no idea where
my life was headed. I left California with a few dreams and a lot of prayer, but not much else.
Finding myself in the King’s community, I was immediately confronted with countless people
who exhibited all of the values I was searching for. While I may not have wanted to face some of
the truths that I have at King’s, that experience is exactly what I needed. Through the friends
that I have made at King’s I have learned so much about this life and how I want to live it. I have
looked deeper into myself in ways that most other environments would discourage you from
doing. King’s helped me find the parts of me I needed to fix, embolden the parts of me that
needed strength, and helped me develop the wisdom to know the difference. Along the way I
have created relationships that I would not change for the world. I have made friends here that
have become brother’s and sister’s, who each have already written integral lines in the story of
my life. I was way luckier to have ended up at King’s than I will ever know, and to that I can only
credit to God’s ever-seeking mercy.
Titus Ward
Former House Scholar | House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | Class of '24
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