My King’s experience has been the ultimate example of the project mood curve. Going into it, expectations were high. Thank you Inviso. You can blame covid, zoom school, social distancing, tiny gatherings, a shut down city, or simply my overestimation of how well I could do on my own, but my expectations were not nearly met. 
This led to a season of questioning. Why did I come here? Will this loneliness ever go away? Can I make it academically? Financially? Spiritually? But then, almost by accident, I landed a position on an excellent leadership team, found a core group of friends, and started to climb back up the other side. Having seen the “pit of despair” and persevered, my new reality was sweeter than any expectation of King’s that I could have fabricated. 
That’s not to say it has been bliss since sophomore year, the project mood curve is repetitive, but even knowing exactly how everything would play out, I would get on the King’s roller coaster again and again without question.

Elli's diagram of the Project mood curve

Elli Stone
House Chamberlain | House of Sojourner Truth | Class of '24
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