Dear King’s,
Next month marks my 7th year of investing in this community - 3 years as a student and 4 years as staff. Over time, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with you.
My hate is born of frustration. I see your potential and am angry when time and time again you fail to reach it. So often my role now is picking up the pieces left by people’s broken decisions and the impact it has on students.
And yet, I love this bizarre school of mine. My core memories center around it. My closest friendships were born in the crazed daze of finals cramming, the challenge of loving people well while serving on Exec, and the tired joy of competing for Interregnum like our lives depended on it. I learned how to lead and fail here.
As I wrestle with the reality that you might close, I cherish the opportunities,
lessons, and relationships given. I see the way this place fundamentally changed
and prepared me. More than that, I see student after student whose story,
passion, and learnings mirror my own.
Love you or hate you, King’s has a purpose and I’m praying you continue.
Andrea Lopez
Assistant Dean of Student Services | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '15
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