Dear Kings,
In a letter to Kuppus, the German poet Rilke wrote, “I can’t give you any advice but this: to
go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.”

Kings propels you into that deep place, to ask questions of it, to challenge it.

In 2020 I left my former college in downtown Manhattan to work on a television series in the
city. I thought God had clearly showed me that a college was not where He wanted me.

But I was just in the wrong Fidi school.

After a year of restless work, I decided I loved learning too much to be without it. This was 2
weeks before the first day. My first day I met my boyfriend. The next few weeks I found my
friends. But I instantly felt at home.

King’s is not a place of fluffy Christianity. It refines you through dozens of pages of Ancient
Greek philosophy, 21st century Anthropology, and artistic analysis. The school bridges the
seeming dichotomy of safety and challenge.

My deep love of art and history has been furthered by Dr. Bleattler’s Arts and Ideas sequence,
and I’ve discovered a passion for economics and business through Dr. Slonim and Dr. Fotopulos.
King’s doesn’t just show you ideals and call you to match them. The education cultivates an
appetite for human flourishing and an intellectual framework for it.

I am honored to be a student at this institution.

It continues to shape my soul.
Zoe Whitford
Zoe Whitford
Student | House of Sojourner Truth | Class of '23
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