One odd October morning,
I took an exam for Dr. Johnson’s PBI class. I speedily work through the pages, and my focus remains until I flip to a poem with a chiastic structure. 
It stared deeply into my soul. It required me to put down my black 0.38 Muji pen. It read like this:
“I came to New York to be someone.
Someone I thought I’d be.
It turns out I wasn’t.
I’m not who I thought.
So I stay in New York just to be.”
I am not sure how I got to New York City, and I am even more unsure of how I got to King’s. I was lost. All I know is that I am still here – and that the Lord calls me every day to just catch glimpses of His Kingdom here on earth. It’s been one of the great privileges of my life to witness our mighty and loving God move in the lives of a few hundred kids throughout these four years  (including me)!
So, I came to New York to be watched, but I now stay in New York just to watch how God so loved this world through this city and this institution.
Thank you King’s for these classes, for those who sit beside me to people-watch, but above all, thank you for perspective and for pointing me towards the Kingdom. Now, I go wherever the grace of God sends me …

Nadine Jetrude Ragas
House President | House of Clara Barton | Class of '23
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