“I wish I went to your school.”
“Even if it closes?”
“Yeah. It sounds worth it.”
He was right. King’s is worth it. Should you doubt my sincerity behind that statement, I need you to know that last year I convinced a friend to transfer schools and move across the country because I deeply believe in the goodness of The King’s College. King’s is worth that.
I moved across the country during a pandemic for this college and I have never once regretted it. Today, at 21 years old, I am a completely different person than when I moved here that summer of 2020 and I am much better off because of it.
When you’re 18 and going to college you feel like you know everything. King’s has a unique way of breaking that illusion and forcing you to come back in humility. Your views of the world, yourself, meaning, and God are deconstructed and built back up in a way that teaches you not what you are “supposed” to think but how to truly understand your own beliefs. The college creates a safe environment for you to grapple with these (often overwhelming) questions and the professors guide you as you do.
The most important and unique part is that in all these things, we are directed toward God.
You can see God in the care King’s professors have for their students. There are not many schools where you would find professors who care about their students in the way King’s professors do. They have extended grace to me when I am struggling the most. They get to know me for who I am. They ask me how I am and they want my genuine answer. I never feel like a number in the classroom, which is exactly what I was looking for in a college.
This intentionality of community at King’s is one of my favorite things about the school. Specifically, I love the house system and I love the girls of Susan B. Anthony. We are such wildly different people but we all come together to love and support one another in all things.
When I think of the house of SBA I think about Spring Interregnum 2022. I was standing at the podium delivering my argument in debate comp when I looked around the room and noticed that it was almost entirely filled with girls from my house listening, nodding, and giving me thumbs up. Most of them didn’t need to be there, but they were there to support me and Kylia because that is what SBAs do.
I could go on for a few hours (if you doubt that, ask that friend I convinced to transfer here. You don’t convince someone to transfer in just a few minutes, after all) about how much I love this school and all of the unique features that make me not regret coming here. But, the truth is, my time here is almost up. Don’t get me wrong, I would be devastated if I had to miss out on my senior year at King’s and not get a degree from the institution that I love. But, if the school closes, these are benefits I have already reaped. So instead, I urge you to not think about how much I love the school, but those who have yet to love it. King’s is not worth saving because I had my life changed. King’s is worth saving because of the first years who are just beginning that journey, the students who have yet to come, and the professors who find their home at an institution that utilizes and appreciates both their academic skills and their characters. The King’s College is atypical, but normalcy has never been what we are called for.
The King’s College was and always is, worth it.
Elizabeth Fortmeyer
Student | House of Susan B. Anthony | Class of '24
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