The King’s College...
was towards the top of my mental college possibilities list all through high school, but it was visiting the college, during the pandemic, that solidified my desire to share in the abundance of opportunities this institution presented. It was a community that reveled in being different and leveraging those differences to the benefit of each other, to New York, and to God’s glory. The more time I spend as a participant in this mission, the more I have witnessed its value and, more importantly, its potential to widen its reach.
Growing up, my parents always emphasized the importance of living intentionally. We’re only given so many opportunities, only so much time, and we’re entrusted to steward those blessings to the best of our abilities. We’re constantly faced with decisions and choices, but intentionality is how we effectively pursue an impact as people of faith and truth, in our culture and in New York.
The King’s College is a collection of people obsessed with living intentionally. We are individuals with plans, grit and determination who have been entrusted with a foothold in the epicenter of our culture. Our classes shape who we are, what we value, and how we think; and our internships, jobs, clubs, articles, Bible studies, and conversations throughout the City allow us to apply and test that learning in real-time. I came to King’s because I see the immeasurable value in this proposition of college as a springboard for the next stage of life rather than a four-year sabbatical from responsibility.
In less than a year, this college has already begun to challenge me, motivate me, and bless me with friends, mentors, and partners in this mission of living intentionally. It’s been an incredible start to an experience at The King’s College that I can’t wait to continue alongside this exceptional group of people.
Eli Johnson
Empire State Tribune Editor & Columnist | House of C.S. Lewis | Class of '26
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