“If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?”
That’s a question I feel like we’re relentlessly asked before we grow up. My answer never changed. I would choose to be invisible. Partly for the obvious reason of never being called on by the wheel of misfortune in Hebrew Literature, but mostly because it would give me the chance to do nothing but observe the things and people around me. No need to say anything or do anything. Just behold the beauty and the chaos. But for the first time at the King’s College, to be invisible was no longer what I wanted.
This College attracts a certain kind of people. A people who crave to learn because of the excitement they find in it. Discussions don’t just happen in the classroom. Actually, that’s just where it starts. You’ll find students discussing philosopher kings and idealized levels in their apartments while cooking chicken parmesan or students walking down office halls looking like they’re re-thinking life after engaging in conversation with a professor in office hours. Students here are always asking questions because they live in wonder and not fear of the truth. This college attracts a kind of people who love to share. Students talk through their differences with each other because it’s exciting and every once in a while they’ll find a deep commonality. My favorite conversations are when you see students furrow their eyebrows. Slow their quick witted responses and release a chuckle of realization; they’re seeing a different perspective or reconsidering a mindset they’ve held their whole lives. And it’s all because they’re not scared to be wrong. Actually, they’re scared to miss out on the vastness of knowledge they’ve been introduced to.
King’s attracts the kind of people who love to live. It’s one thing to know things about the world, yourself, or the Kingdom, but it’s a whole other thing to live out what you believe. And these people do it with so much passion. It emanates from them. Leading people on the streets to ask where they get their joy , and leading me to live life with and be known by these radiant people. They embrace the changes and growth within themselves that comes with different seasons of life, and they invite you to experience those joys of life with them. They give you the gift of love by truly listening, and they open your eyes to the gifts you yourself have to give. They take the time to understand you, know you, and love you. Like I said, they live out what they believe, and they so strongly believe in love. So King’s, thank you for loving me well and for making me realize that invisibility is the last thing I could want when you have a community that shows you the beauty in knowing others and being known.
Danelle Gonzalez
Student | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '26
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