When I first came to King’s
I did not know what to expect, but anticipated a new chapter filled with excitement. I will never forget moving onto campus that fall, my new home away from home. I am already nostalgic for those first few days of NSO in what felt like a whirlwind of fresh unfamiliarity.
After escaping the self-pity and discontent of high school, college has given me newfound joy and challenge. Adulthood has brought about major responsibility and requirement, the difficulties of maturity that provide strife and fulfillment.
I am eternally grateful for the friendships I have made, the fraternal community of my House, and the wisdom and charity of the staff and faculty. As I approach the midpoint of my undergraduate studies, it feels like it all passed in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I wish it would slow down a little.
I would also like to recognize how fortunate we are to attend a Christian institution in the greatest city in the world, a peculiar feature of our secular age. My time here has been an immense blessing, as I am sure it has been for us all.
As we look towards the future, I continue to be uncertain of what’s to come. What I do know is that God’s promises and truths remain constant through it all. As frustrated as I have been, I am equally optimistic for what’s to come. If there is a tomorrow, Lord willing.
Isaac White
Isaac White
Student | House of Ronald Reagan | Class of '25
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