My big plan when applying to colleges
was to end up at a 1) big, 2) secular school. Neither of those happened. I ended up at a small liberal arts college. But during my freshman year something happened, and I have now been “converted” into a Christian liberal arts college enthusiast. More importantly, God has taught me how precious King’s’ community is.
Second semester freshman year something happened that threw me completely off track. I couldn’t sleep, I lost my appetite, I couldn’t focus on school. This had never happened before and I was scared. I couldn’t bring myself to do homework—it all seemed incredibly insignificant—and instead I just felt guilty about it.
King’s, however, wasn’t ready to give up on me. Professors extended deadlines to, frankly speaking, unreasonable lengths. People keep inquiring into how I was doing, how the situation back home was. People who were close friends, but also a lot who weren’t.
So many King’s students and professors looked me in the eyes and sincerely said, “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.” People were ready to help, to support me. Professors I had class with the previous semesters reached out to me. People I hardly knew prayed for me, shared their meals with me. I remember one particular time when the situation intensified back home, and I just couldn’t hold it together any more. Someone left me their lunch—a Chipotle burrito. It was, in fact, the first meal I had had that day. (Best burrito I’ve ever had)
It was little gestures like this that helped me stay brave.
I have come to love King’s because people care. They care for you in little everyday ways, they care for you in big meaningful ways. It’s such a beautiful community that, I have witnessed, has helped so many people grow stronger, braver and more confident. No big secular school could ever match that. Very few colleges in general, actually, can rival the sacrificial love I have experienced at King’s.
Student | The King's College
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