Dear King’s, 
Nearly a year past graduation, my memory of you excavates this quote from my freshman year: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The Junior-year student who gave me my first tour of campus shared that quote with me. And it’s true. You, King’s, taught me swaths of information, helped me thumb through thick philosophy books, and sketched supply-demand graphs on whiteboards. But when I think of you, I don’t remember a piece of information. I remember a feeling.

And that feeling drives this letter. That feeling compels me to tell the world that you matter. That future generations need you.

I spent the first three years of college getting to know every part of you. (And my last year trying to leave you.) I started working in the department that first inspired me to give you a chance - Admissions. By second semester, I was a campus tour guide. By Sophomore year, I was training the new tour guides. I researched your history, learned every fact and statistic, and had countless meaningful conversations with prospective students and their parents - describing the impact you’d have on the hearts of any young man or woman who might invest their life at 56 Broadway.

After Admissions, I joined Marketing - learning the backend of the website and refining your image online.

After Marketing, I joined the Video Production Team - spending hours editing videos in the dimly lit Media Lab in an effort to share your stories through film.

Next, I joined House Leadership, serving as Helmsman for the House of Bonhoeffer. I saw freshmen struggle, and I saw them thrive. One of these freshmen ultimately graduated with me as Valedictorian of the class. Here I learned the power of compassion; sometimes, people need a listening ear more than prideful advice.

By Junior Year, I jumpstarted the King’s Cinema Society and joined forces with some of the most creative students on campus as we ventured into winter weather and created short films. I remember the heartwarming feeling of sitting with a group of students as we watched our films on screen in the City Room. Of course, it couldn’t compare to the heart-pounding feeling of sitting in the screenings after 24-Hour Film Comp every year.
I don’t share these contributions to boast. I was only trying to repay you, King’s, for your impact on my heart and mind. After all, you transformed what I saw in the mirror.

By Senior year, I was pretty distracted from you. I already knew how to cook shrimp alfredo and whip up a midterm paper on last-minute notice. I was almost ready to say goodbye to you. And then I fell for a girl.

“Ring by Spring” happens to be pretty accurate for those who hang around you too much.

Now I’m engaged to her. I have a fulfilling job that I discovered through former students of yours. And life is flying by so fast I completely forgot about you.

And now that we might lose you, that feeling I mentioned is rushing back into my gut. But I know that regardless of what transpires this year - your light will remain.

Thank you.

Chris Davis
Former Helmsman | House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | Class of '22
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