My love letter to The Kings College:
I first loved you for where you are, 
where the lights of the City replace the stars of the night sky—a galaxy of glistening windows. 
You opened a whole new universe for me to explore, new worlds to see. 
Second, I loved your structure. 
A college with a Christian focus but no forced faith. 
A place where Christian values are weaved into thought and speech but left to one's own discretion. 
You pushed me to challenge and change, to make my own decisions. 
You gently drew me closer to God, assisting in the reorienting of my disordered mind. 
Thirdly, I loved you for what you taught me to love. 
The professors and subjects and organizations you share, I love them. 
You provide a place within this city of swarming people to find your footing, 
to find your loves, 
to find your shape. 
Now, I love you for what you are, a place for learning, hardship, and joy. 
You have given me a life I only imagined, 
so here is my thank you. 

♡ Joanna
Joanna Insco
Empire State Tribune Staff Writer | House of Margaret Thatcher | Class of '25
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