King’s did not offer the major I wished to pursue when I first visited,
so I did not consider King’s seriously as a place I’d spend my college years. But, since my sister was a current student, I decided to do an Inviso visit in the winter of my sophomore year of high school. I ate lunch as the president of the school took questions from prospective students and watched upperclassmen share about their experiences here. I saw To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway, visited Battery Park, and received an apartment tour from the soon-to-be Student Body President.
In high school, I found it difficult to surround myself with friends I could trust and would point me to Jesus. In March of 2020, the world changed and forced me inside, away from people, and into loneliness. I spent the next year battling depression in isolation wondering what steps I could take to better myself and my situation. I decided that people, not a major or job, would bring me out of the darkness I experienced. I didn’t know how the House System worked, but I knew that anywhere there was a community of men and women who took life and Jesus seriously, I wanted to be there with them. I decided not to study the major I thought I wanted, so I could take care of myself and my relationship with Jesus.
I applied early and committed to King’s in November 2020, having applied to only one other school. I knew I wanted what King’s offered, and felt it was where I needed to be. I received an email telling me I got sorted into the House of Sir Winston Churchill (my sister confirmed it was the best guy house and I should be proud). My first semester was extremely difficult as I navigated the difficult classes and an array of difficult friendships. I strongly considered transferring out after I finished my freshman year. That spring, I sat on the couch during Churchill house retreat in tears, surrounded by my house president, a senior, and my big as they prayed for me. After they finished I went out and sat on the grass and looked up at the stars and decided that I needed to stay. I couldn’t walk out on the men who refused to walk out on me. I ran for Helmsman next month so I could make a difference to the House and the school that God had placed me in. God willing, my story here isn’t over.
Graham Cook
House Helmsman | House of Sir Winston Churchill | Class of '25
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