The King’s College was an answer to my prayer in high school.
I worked to go to a college that would expose me to the liberal arts through the framework of Christianity. The courses and professors have provided this in the most enjoyable way. King’s has made me more knowledgeable and wise in how I see the world.
King’s also gave me some of my closest friends. Many were my roommates and guys from the soccer team. 
When we all lived on the 13th floor together last year we made so many fun memories. Food fights and poker nights top the list. These are friendships bonded by fun and expressed through loyalty to each other. Brennan, Johnathan, Sam, and I go to church every Sunday. These friendships have given birth to soul-impactful rhythms. My life and soul have been changed by these relationships.
One day last spring semester at Albee on the 13th floor, Nick came into our apartment with an egg and said follow me. We followed him to Sam, Ethan, and Brennan’s apartment. We slowly opened the door and walked into the bathroom where Brennan was showing. Nick then threw the egg at Brennan. This caused Brennan to chase nick and pull his shirt over his head, asserting his physical dominance, and making Nick clean up the mess. TKC gave me such fun memories that have changed the path of my life. I love this school and want to see it thrive.
Reed Barrett
House Chamberlain | House of C.S. Lewis | Class of '24
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