Thoughts on The King’s College
When I was in high school, I had this naive idea that I was too good for college and that I wouldn’t get anything out of it (yes, I am prideful, if you couldn’t tell). Growing up in a devotedly Christian home, homeschooled my whole life, and with a father who is a serial-business owner, I’ve had a different childhood experience than most. It’s engrained in me that if I have the right attitude, pursue excellence in everything, and seek to serve God then I can learn and accomplish anything. What use was college to me?
Yet, I had this distinct sense that I was missing something. That “thing” was the ability to ask and attempt to answer deep fundamental questions of the world, people (including myself), faith, and work. That “thing” is what I need college—King’s—for. Also, I needed friends.
One of my strongest beliefs is that God calls his people to interact with the world—that all may know Him. King’s is showing me how to interact with the world, grounded in a stronger understanding of the character of God, of how and why people act (including myself), and what the purpose of work is.
Perhaps more importantly, I’ve found at King’s a group of people who love and cherish each other and seek the betterment of my character and faith. The greatest blessing to me has been the friends with whom I can be vulnerable, whom I can encourage and be encouraged by, who are so different that I have to grow in understanding and empathy, with whom I can laugh until I cry, and with whom I can seek and praise God.
Aidan J. Ableson
Aidan Ableson
Student | House of C.S. Lewis | Class of '25
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