Dear King’s,
I have too much to say thank you for. The first time I came to New York, I was nine and all I could think was “I have to live here,” so, first, thank you for letting me live my childhood dream. But more than the city, which I love dearly, thank you for the people. Thank you for the soft place to land in the chaos of the concrete. Thank you for the smallness, the closeness of the community. My classes are full of people I can joke with, people I feel close to. My high-rise apartment hallway feels more like a family home. King’s is somewhere I can rest, a home in the city. Although I am consistently challenged by my classes, by the city, my struggles are counteracted by the constant encouragement from everyone around me. King’s has helped me grow in every way possible. I am eternally grateful for my home away from home, my respit, my King’s. Thank you for planting yourself in the heart of the city I’ve desperately wanted to live in since I was young. Thank you for the dreams.
Sloane Steenrod
Student | House of Susan B Anthony | Class of '26
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