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So many of my favorite memories are tied to King’s. It’s where I met the man who became my husband and the women – my roommates, my “big” and other classmates – who became some of my dearest friends. We spent hours studying, laughing, talking, crying, drinking coffee, dancing, reading, going to church, eating, playing games and exploring New York City as we shared life and grew up together.
Walks through Central Park and the South Street Seaport, dinners at the Vogue building, concerts, theological discussions, Friendsgivings, study sessions at Culture Espresso and the faculty offices, Dutch Blitz games in the wee hours of the morning are a few of my favorite snapshots with them. 
My professors at King’s opened my eyes to new ideas, authors, texts and Scriptural meaning. I learned so much in their classes; some days I thought I could feel my brain exploding. They care deeply about students – not only our academic performance, but our spiritual health. They always made time for questions and mentoring. I am particularly grateful for Dr. Johnson, Dr. Tubbs, Dr. Blander and Prof. Glader.
The annual Interregnum competition, Queen Elizabeth I events like Pie and Cigar Night and retreats were so much fun. Editing the Empire State Tribune helped me learn journalism and leadership skills.
King’s changed me spiritually, mentally and emotionally and my time there was among the best and most formative periods of my life. I am so thankful for the spouse, friends and professors I met there and for all I learned. I only wish graduation hadn’t come so fast. 
Madison Iszler
Former Editor-in-Chief of the Empire State Tribune | House of Queen Elizabeth I | Class of '15
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