February 20, 2023
Most seventeen and eighteen year olds pursuing college choose between schools with football programs, tens of thousands of students, and a myriad of clubs, activities and majors. Those who come to The King’s College have a different vision for themselves. We don’t come here to go to the ‘college’ we traditionally think of. We come to King’s to be apart of Manhattan and all it has to offer. We come to King’s to build professional relationships and invest in our ability to communicate with others. We come to King’s to be a professional while pursuing a degree. Each person I’ve spoken to at King’s is here because they want to be, not because they have to be.
I got into King’s in 2020, but decided to pursue a degree in Film and Television at Boston University. I transferred out of BU in the spring of 2022. The decision to transfer started when I asked the internship coordinator at BU about the steps to getting an internship as a freshman. Her advice: “Wait until you’re a junior”. I ignored the woman at BU and I pursued an internship in videography and editing with Compass Real Estate in the Fenway area. It hit me after the internship that The King’s College wouldn’t have told me to wait. They would have encouraged me to get my foot in the door of my industry as soon as possible. Sure enough, this was exactly right. The Business Communication class taught by Brian Brenberg is one example. You learn professionalism, tighten up presenting skills, perfect cover letters and resumes, get headshots, and make business cards. This curriculum is molded for us to be integrated into the professional world now and not waiting until you’re ‘older’ or waiting until you leave King’s.
I have learned more about life and about the world in one semester than I did during my two years at Boston University. This community is so special. The way faculty, staff, and students look after one another is rare. Everyone wants each other to be the best people they can be—a person reflecting the teachings of Jesus. My degree from King’s won’t just reflect what I’ve studied, but the people I’ve had the privilege of meeting, the lessons I’ve learned, and the opportunity’s I’ve received.
King’s must continue to be an option for the students that want to take action on their lives and careers.
Emily Zielinski
Emily Zielinski
The King's Players Director | House of Susan B. Anthony | Class of '25
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