Dear World,
My time at King’s has been far from perfect. My first year here was during COVID-19, the following year King’s was having to deal with how to handle reigniting community life, and now the institution is facing closure. My entire career at King’s has taken place during its most difficult period of time since 1999 and there have been many times where I’ve felt that weight and doubted my decision to come here. However, at the end of the day I am glad I did not.
Despite all of the difficulty, the trials and the heartbreak I have experienced during my time at King’s, I have never grown so much as a person before in my life. In writing this letter I have tried to figure out ways of phrasing what I mean by this but I find that the most accurate way to put it is that King’s made me an adult. Through situations I have experienced here I have learned what it means to be an adult and handle adult situations to the best of my ability.
Additionally, King’s showed me that growth can’t be done alone. King’s has put people into my life that have challenged me, loved me, supported me and encouraged me. The upperclassmen I came to love and respect my freshman and sophomore year pushed me to become a better person. King’s has put people in my life that I strive to be like. It has given me people that I can truly call lifelong friends, the type of people that will be in my wedding party someday.
Above all, King’s has made me a better Christian. My faith has never been more challenged, but has also never grown more, than it has at King’s. This institution has really pushed me to think about why I believe what I do and has given me the knowledge to support my beliefs. I can’t really think of another college that encourages you to think from multiple perspectives, and that’s one of the things that makes King’s so special!
At the end of the day, regardless of what the future has in store for King’s, I feel privileged to have walked through these doors and been a part of the community. King’s has changed my life for the better.
In Christ,
Aidan Kurth
Aidan Kurth
Founder of The Mend | House of Sir Winston Churchill | Class of '24
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