It's very hard to write about all that King’s means to me...
because my formative years are so inextricably wrapped up in it.
God has His fingerprints all over the college. It is repeated in all of these letters, but I will say it again–the special sauce is in the people. I have never met a community so faithful, so loyal, so inspiring, so stubborn, so passionate, and so sacrificial in my life.
In Intro to New Testament, Dr. Ben White would always emphasize the deep importance of weakness (1 Corinthians 12:7-10). It is within this weakness that the Lord often shows his greatest work. The King’s College and New York City will make you weak. You will be reminded of your smallness, your shortcomings, and your insecurities daily. I love this about King’s.
My weakness led me to some of my deepest friendships and through my weaknesses, I got to watch miracles unfold. When I thought I couldn’t pray anymore or when I lost hope, God grabbed the baton and finished the race.
Growing up can be a messy thing, but if you are hungry to learn and ready (or not) to be weak, King’s will humble you, grow you, sharpen you, and commission you.
I pray God’s hand continues to make King’s strong.
Lydia Marlin
Marketing Coordinator | The King's College | Serving Since 2022
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