I came to The King’s College in 2005...
a Christian, a pastor, and an academic. It was a dream job and still is. An aggressively Christian college with theory-centered study of politics set within a politics, philosophy, and economics program—where it belongs—alongside a business school in a city of consequence. But teaching here has allowed me to become a Christian, pastoral academic. The curriculum and the students themselves pushed me to bring my Christian faith and my political theory together into a God-honoring whole. Teaching these bright young people of disparate character and calling has also taught me to express what I have to offer succinctly, pointedly, and vividly, which in turn translated into a long publishing record of popular writing.
But the academic life, like life in general, is not fundamentally about serving oneself but serving the kingdom of God. At The King’s College, that means serving the students whom God brings under my instruction and influence, doing my part to prepare them for godly, productive, flourishing adulthood, for serving God and neighbor in biblical faithfulness. I have had eighteen joyful years of this.
In those two decades, I have seen God’s hand of blessing on this school, both in the remarkable faculty and staff he has assembled—faithful to Christ, faithful to the mission, and faithful also to the students they serve—as well as in the just-as-remarkable alumni who have bountifully exceeded our hopes. It is an honor to be part of this great Christian enterprise.
Professor David Innes
Professor of Politics | The King's College | Serving Since 2005
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