The number one impact on me...
during my 12 years at King’s has been students and alumni. It makes me so proud when I see them doing great things in the world: serving their communities, watching them emerge from long struggles, raising families, going to graduate school, learning the hard stuff of life, and all the different ways in which they worship God through their work. I love reading the stuff they’ve published (sometimes, even watching them on a TV show). I have made meaningful friendships with many of them and they continue to teach me about the world. I recently started a book project on biblical law and I so I sat down with a few alumni lawyers to learn more about American law. All of my books have been edited by alumni before going to press. My current co-worker at the Center for Hebraic Thought is an alum.
I could gush for hours. I feel like a proud father (although I know that I don’t deserve the credit). But it does make me feel so honored that God led me to King’s to be a small part in their lives. As my children are now college age (my youngest is a junior in high school) I love watching them learn from my colleagues and enter those same relationships with other King’s faculty. It just brings me a deep sense of joy, a sense of satisfaction that cannot be taken.
Dr. Dru Johnson
Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies | The King's College | Serving Since 2011
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