In 2014,
I had an opportunity to teach an Intro. to Marketing class at King’s. At the time, I was working full-time as a management consultant but always thought I might enjoy teaching.  I was nervous, I didn’t know what students would expect, and I wasn’t so sure about grading papers. But within those first few weeks, I learned that students are eager to learn, curious, and enjoyed challenging each other – and me! And I was hooked. It’s really because of TKC’s students that I found my calling as a teacher.
Teaching at King’s remains my greatest joy and privilege. Every day, I am challenged to merge theory and practice in a way that is informative and memorable. My students will call me out if I’m having a bad day or if they don’t like an assignment. And that challenges me and makes me work harder to bring excellence into the classroom. Because we’re a small school, I love that I get to know students. I’ve had some for five classes (if that’s you, thanks for hanging in there!), and it’s a blessing to see students grow and learn and launch into amazing careers and lives.
At King’s, I can always bring my full self. My Christian worldview, my experiences in management consulting, my travel stories, my updates about Baxter the fat cat. And I can share about my struggles and challenges and know that these can also be learning opportunities.
Most of all, I love sharing life with students. The good, the hard, the belly-laugh moments, and the tears. I continue to be impressed by the academic quality and by the compassion and good humor of our students. This is a special place.
Kimberly Reeve
Dean of Academic Affairs & Associate Professor Business | The King's College | Serving Since 2014
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