Why I Stay
I arrived at 56 Broadway around noon for my job interview on the day of the Great Race in 2012. I arrived to utter chaos in the best way possible.. I started my job in the Registrar’s Office the following month and worked there until transitioning to work in student life, a “better seat on the bus,” as Eric Bennett said, in the summer of 2016.
I’m 1700 miles away from my home state of Texas and now I’ve given 10.5 years of my life to this institution. So why do I stay? I stay because of students. I stay for chats over coffee in my office. I stay for slack messages with my interregnum team. I stay for the Night of Worship held monthly in my apartment with the House of Thatcher. I stay for the August days of Statesmanship training that are Iong but worth it. I stay for move-in days and all of its excitement. I stay for graduation day, my favorite day of King’s, the day we all work so hard to get students to. I stay simply and only because of students.
Many years ago, I remember the staff and faculty being reminded to steward our time with each of student well. We were reminded that students parents have ‘lent’ them to us for these four short years. Those years are meant to invest in students, encourage them, pray for them, and mentor them. I have tried my best to do that. I haven’t done it perfectly, but I promise it’s always been at the forefront of my mind and heart.
King’s, you’ve meant so much to me. I’ve seen lives transformed. Seen students come to Christ. I’ve seen students grow exponentially in character. Getting a front seat view of students' lives has and will be one of the greatest joys of my life this side of heaven. Thank you for so many of your friendships. Thanks for letting me celebrate you. Thanks for encouraging me when I most need it too. Thanks for inviting me to your weddings. To the House of Thatcher, you have my entire pink and green heart. I’m eternally grateful to all of you. Thatcher Forever. To my Interregnum Committees, you’ve been the most hardworking individuals. Thank you for everything you did for this school. To my colleagues, thanks for fighting this good fight alongside me. I’m better because of all of you.
I hope and pray we get to stay.
Leticia Mosqueda
Assistant Dean of Residence Life | The King's College | Serving Since 2012
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