Something a lot of people don’t realize...
is the amount of influence the people around you have. There are always instances where you catch yourself saying or doing something your friends say or do all the time. I’ve picked up phrases and actions from my friends plenty of times. The majority of people see this as a bad thing because we always picture these friends smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. However, people forget that there are actually good people in the world. Here at King’s, these people shaped and inspired plenty of habits and words that I carry out almost on a daily basis. It’s almost like watching your favorite YouTuber and copying what they do and say. In my case, my roommates, professors, and church friends all play a heavy influence on my habits and thoughts. I learn to think like them, act like them, and ultimately become a better person than I was before.
- Alex Cho
House Helmsman | House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | Class of '26
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